• We Are Newton Waterproofing

    “We Are Newton Waterproofing” is Newton’s newest video, and represents exactly what it means to homeowners, contractors, architects and employees to work both with and for a forward-thinking waterproofing supplier in the 21st Century construction industry.

    By emphasizing the benefits that true waterproofing expertise can deliver to any individual or company involved in waterproofing, as well as any new build or existing structure, we are attempting to counteract the preconception that, when it comes to waterproofing, the cheapest solution will do.

    The Homeowner

    Having experienced severe flooding first-hand in 2007, and recognize the ongoing risk towards his home and his family, homeowner Adrian Porter found that the solutions offered by his insurer were inadequate, and decided to investigate himself.

    His listed cottage has now been protected for over 8 years by an internal cavity drainage system. During this time, not only has the waterproofing system repeatedly captured and redirected floodwaters out of the property, but it has also protected Adrian and his family from the dangers of flooding, whilst preserving and maintaining the use of a beautiful historic property.

    The Contractor

    Waterproofing is a specialist sector, with highly advanced products and systems frequently being introduced and updated in order to take advantage of contemporary technological advancements.

    As such, specialist products that provide thorough, combined protection require specialist installers who are fully trained in their application and installation. By taking full design liability, providing meaningful insurance-backed guarantees, and adhering to strict membership criteria, NSBC offer peace of mind to the designer and the client.

    The Architect

    In an environment where so many factors might influence a waterproofing specification, architects cannot be expected to be experts in all aspects of waterproofing. It is therefore with good reason that the practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground’ directly recommends that a waterproofing specialist be included as an integral member of the design team.

    Architectural practices that work closely with Newton on a regular basis such as Warren & Mahoney Architects (Christchurch), benefit from the proactive approach that Newton take in fulfilling the role of the waterproofing specialist, working alongside specifiers in making both the right choice for their project, and the choice that will also provide the most robust protection.

    Get in Touch

    If you have any questions regarding waterproofing, or would simply like to get in touch, please contact us on either info@newtonsystems.co.nz or 09 527 1829.

    • The Homeowner Adrian Porter’s property in Oxfordshire was flooded severely in 2007, but has since been protected from multiple similar events

    • The Contractor Training of Newton Specialist Basement Contractors is an ongoing process as new technological and product advancements are frequently made

    • The Architect Newton’s dedicated team of Technical Managers can fulfil the role of Waterproofing Specialist as required by BS 8102:2009