• Treating Penetrating Damp

    Treating Penetrating Damp

    Understanding The Causes of Penetrating Damp

    Penetrating damp is most commonly caused by one of two scenarios:

    • Problems with the building or plumbing issues – e.g. a loose slate or blocked drainpipes. Penetrating damp is present where a problem has allowed water to enter the property.
    • Wind driven rain – properties near the sea or in exposed areas can suffer damp penetration from driving rain. Symptoms will usually only occur during wet weather, but it can affect roofs and ceilings, as well as walls.

    How Can I Tell If There Is Penetrating Damp?

    Look around inside – a watermark might appear on the interior wall, and grow if the water continues to enter. If you live in an exposed location, does the watermark get worse in bad weather?

    When there are problems with the roof or gutter, rainwater is in regular contact with the wall and causes saturation which would be visible internally.

    Penetrating damp is far more common in older properties, which have solid walls. A new build property with cavity walls offers more protection and is unlikely to suffer from this type of defect

    penetrating damp is visible on internal walls

    A blocked gutter can cause penetrating damp

    Treating Penetrating Damp

    • 1) The first step is to check everything in and around the property.
    • 2) Look at gutters, downpipes, flashing, rendering and window frames in detail.
    • 3) Always make sure that downpipes are unobstructed, and if required think about replacing the guttering.
    • 4) The rendering may have cracked, letting in water, or it might be necessary to re-seal any gaps around window frames.
    • 5) Check under the window sills to see if the drop groove is blocked with moss or dirt. If so, clear it thoroughly, the blockage might be causing water to seep in to the property.C
    • 6) A badly fitting roofing felt on a flat roof will also cause damp, as will a cracked wall so these would need to be fixed.

    Treating Penetrating Damp With Newton Damp Proof Membranes

    When the cause of penetrating damp has been rectified, the internal walls may still be damp and suffering from staining.

    Newton System 800 Damp Proof Membranes are ideal for treating damp walls in such a scenario. The damp proof membranes prevent any moisture and moisture vapour and associated salts and contaminants within the structure affecting the internal finishes by providing a physical barrier between the old surface and the new finish.

    This form of damp treatment significantly prolongs the longevity of the internal finishes whilst still allowing for natural evaporation of moisture from the structure and unhindered movement of air to take place in the gap provided by the studs of the membranes.

    Buy Newton Damp Proofing Packs

    Newton damp proof membranes can be installed by a builder or DIY. Our damp proofing packs and other damp proofing products like our condensation paint and external water repellent can be purchased here and ordered on next day delivery: Damp Proofing Shop

    Alternatively we could send you a list of Newton Specialist Basement and Damp Proofing contractors in your area.

    Please note that if your damp problems are below ground e.g. cellars and basements, or have any earth retaining walls then a full basement waterproofing solution would be required. Read More: Basement Waterproofing

    For any further informtion on treating penetrating damp please ring us on 09 527 1829 or e-mail tech@newtonsystems.co.nz