• The Newton Waterproofing Index

    his revolutionary new methodology combines British Standard 8102 scores with the type and quality of structure and the type of protection used. It also takes into account the competence of installation to give an easy to understand score for each project. The very highest scores qualify as Newton Protected Basements with a high quality, 10 year warranty.

    The Newton Waterproofing Index is a unique specification tool in the construction industry, providing specifiers and designers with a scoring system through which it is possible to accurately assess the level of risk and potential success involved in a waterproofing design.

    Once assessed by Newton, designs are appointed with a scoring range, due to the fact that even within an agreed specification, the effectiveness of the waterproofing depends on the competency of the installation. For ease, these scoring ranges will also be presented on a scale.

    Tailored Specification Sheets

    Newton Specification Sheets are an integral tool within the Index, each bringing together key product information, NBS Clauses and 3D drawings into one complete resource.

    Each Newton Specification Sheet also carries an Index score that is defined by the specification and the structure to which it is applied.

    The Newton Protected Basement

    The Newton Protected Basement is a comprehensive package for waterproofing  new-build concrete structures, encompassing all three forms of waterproofing and professional installation by a Newton Specialist Basement Contractor.
    Newton Protected Basements are the only specifications that achieve the highest Index score of 4.0, allowing Newton to guarantee the project with a bespoke latent defects policy, including:
    10 years LDI cover with an A rated Lloyds insurer
    No defects liability period
    Cover for product, design and installation failures
    In-house design assistance and on-site quality assurance
    Independent auditing included where required, to ensure continued quality

    *For full information on the Newton Protected Basement Scheme please contact our Technical Team on 09 527 1829

    or via info@newtonsystems.co.nz