Newton 112 AquaBit is a single component waterproofing paste that is enriched with polystyrene micro spheres, that forms a crack-bridging seamless membrane for the waterproofing of the wet side of foundation walls. Engineered to be extremely workable allowing for large surface areas to be waterproofed quickly and economically.

Key Benefits

Easy application: trowel or airless spray in just one coat.

No mixing or stirring required.

Crack bridging and elastic.

Seamless highly waterproof membrane.

Single coat application.

100% waterproof up to 5 bar (50m) of water column.

No primer required.

Solvent free. Neither toxic or flammable

Typical Applications

Suitable for waterproofing to the positive pressure side of foundation and retained walls.

The polystyrene micro spheres enable 112 AquaBit to be applied to a level thickness up to 3mm. In this way it becomes possible, with just one coat, to fill and perfectly level the surface irregularities, typical on concrete foundation walls. The material is also characterised by high elasticity, crack bridging of up to 2mm and good salt resistance. It can be applied to both old and new retained walls.

Suitable Substrate

Concrete or masonry retained walls.

Insulated concrete form work (ICF) retained walls.

Manufactured by Diasen S.R.L. of Sassoferrato, Italy. Diasen S.R.L. have been manufacturing high quality waterproofing products since 1985. Newton Waterproofing Systems are proud to be the sole UK distributor of Diasen products.

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PDF Downloads

Data Sheet

Declaration of Performance

Material Safety Data Sheet

Product Overview

Code: DN402
Packaging: 25L
Colour: Black
Application Rate: 2-2.5 l/m²