Three component epoxy resin to waterproof in negative and positive thrust, to use as osmotic on underground wall, to encapsulate rising damp and to realize a vapour barrier over wet substrate.

Key Benefits

Multipurpose solution

Resistant up to 9.5 Atm of positive and negative pressure (counterthrust)

Excellent adhesion to the most common surfaces used in construction


If applied by spatula it can be applied in just one coat

If applied by roller or brush it can be applied in one or two coats depending on the coverage

Typical Applications

Product suitable as:

Steam barrier and adhesion primer;

Osmotic coating for the restoration of surfaces affected by humidity;

Waterproofing both with positive pressure and counterthrust (up to 9,5 Atm ), when it is not possible to intervene at the origin of infiltration (tunnels, cellars, garages, underground rooms, walls in direct contact with the ground, elevator shafts);

Treatment for rising damp and saltpetre

Once WATstop in dry it can be coated with plasters, skim coats, resins, glues, coatings, tiles or paints, because it also acts as an adhesion coadjuvant

Suitable inside and outside

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PDF Downloads

Data Sheet

Declaration of Performance

Material Safety Data Sheet

Product Overview

Packaging: 10kg
Colour: Black
Application Rate: Dependent on use