• Newton Baseboard

    Newton BaseboardF

    Drainage Conduit

    Newton Baseboard is a unique above-slab drainage conduit, designed to capture water that is entering the structure via the wall/floor junction for removal to an appropriate drainage medium.

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    Baseboard Outside Corner

    Colour: White

    D12F, D11R & D11L
    Baseboard Length 2.4m
    Colour: White


    Baseboard Inside Corner
    Colour: White

    Baseboard Hanger
    Colour: White

    D11R & D11L
    Baseboard End Caps (Right/Left)
    Colour: White

    Baseboard Connector
    Colour: White

    Key Benefits

    Newton Baseboard is a patented US product only available in the United Kingdom from Newton Waterproofing Systems.

    Typical Applications

    Prior to installing the Newton Baseboard System, mechanically fix a Newton Drainage Membrane to the retaining wall. Apply Newton MultiPlugs at 1m centres and affix the Baseboard Hanger in the head of the plug. The Baseboard is then clipped tight over the hanger to hold the linear lengths of the conduit into position. Use the Baseboard jointing pieces to form a continuous length of the conduit. Apply an epoxy band of 150mm to the wall floor junction fillet as a key for the Newton One Shot Adhesive.

    The waterproof bond between the One Shot and the epoxy allows for ingression of water to travel within the Baseboard to a predetermined drainage outlet for removal. Newton Baseboard preformed internal and external corners and stop-ends are also required.