• Newton 903-P Primer

    Newton 903-P Primer


    Newton 903-P is a modified styrene/acrylic copolymer primer for concrete that is applied prior to the installation of Newton 103-S and 107F cementitious waterproofing membranes, levelling compounds, concrete repair and floor coating products, minimising the risk of out-gassing from both internal and external concrete substrates. It is recommended prior to the application of Newton 903-P for the concrete substrate to be mechanically prepared and all laitance removed.

    Key Benefits

    • Extremely quick to apply – 10m2/min is possible
    • Can be applied to damp/wet concrete
    • Can be applied to new concrete > 20N/mm2
    • Further increases the adhesion of Newton cementitious slurries, coatings and repair products to the concrete substrate
    • Very quick curing – the membrane or coating can be applied within 40 mins at 25ºC and within 90 mins at 5ºC

    Typical Applications

    Newton 903-P is a primer for concrete before the application of Newton’s range of high performance cementitious waterproofing membranes, leveling compounds, concrete repair and floor coating products.

    Extremely quick and simple to apply by broom, airless spray, roller or squeegee, Newton 903-P can be applied over new and damp concrete and is soon ready for the application of the Newton membrane above, providing for continuity of work even during the wetter months of the year when most membrane systems cannot be used.

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    Product Overview

    Code: 903-P

    Packaging: 5L

    Colour: Plae Green

    Application Rate: Dependent on concrete porosit