• Newton 420 Reservoir

    Newton 420 Reservoir

    Extensive Green Roof Drainage Membrane

    Unique drainage and water retention membrane for use where a water reservoir is required for extensive green roofs of sedum, herbaceous plants, mosses or grass above decks and roofs. Newton 420 Reservoir has a bonded geotextile that prevents intrusion of the soil into the water holding cups during back-fill and compression. This results in a permanently larger volume reservoir than any other 20mm deep green roof membrane.

    Key Benefits

    • Unique bonded geotextile does not sag into the water holding cups as is the case with loose laid geotextiles.
    • Large drainage holes allow a much higher drainage flow through the membrane than comparative products, ensuring that when the water holding cups are full, the water drains quickly so as not to waterlog the soil.
    • Suspended soil particles (fines) are filtered out by the geotextile layer.
    • Large drainage layer created by the 20mm HDPE core.
    • Tough and durable.
    • Quick and easy to install.

    Typical Applications

    As a water holding and drainage layer above a deck, flat roof or pitched roof where shallow planting is used to create an extensive green roof.

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    PDF Downloads

    Data Sheet

    Product Overview

    Code: M31

    Size: Roll: 50m x 920mm

    Colour: Black

    Area:  46m²

    BIM Object

    Newton 420 Reservoir (M31)