• Newton 306 SwellMastic

    Newton 306 SwellMastic

    Swelling Adhesive Mastic

    Newton 306 SwellMastic is a high quality, fast-curing, swellable, single-component, polymeric adhesive sealant. The special composition of Newton 306 SwellMastic makes the sealant swell when in contact with water (to about 200% of original size).

    Key Benefits

    • Very high resistance to water pressure
    • Delayed swelling – will not swell during the installation process or during the concrete cure
    • Swells up to 200% of its original size to quickly seal leaks at joints in the structure
    • Very resistance to the high alkalinity of concrete
    • Maintains very high elasticity and tensile strength, even when swollen
    • Age resistant, no embrittlement

    Typical Applications

    • As a swelling adhesive for the installation of the Newton 315 Polymer-Waterbar
    • Sealing of service protrusions through the structure
    • To further waterproof around pipes sealed with Newton 307 PipeSeal
    • Detailing product for Newton 403 HydroBond
    • Adhesive for the installation of Newton System 300 hydrophilic waterbars
    • Sealing of service protrusions through the structure
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    Product Overview

    Code: SX306

    Packaging:  290ml

    Colour: Grey

    Application Rate: 3.2kg/m²