• We Are Newton Waterproofing

    “We Are Newton Waterproofing” is Newton’s newest video, and represents exactly what it means to homeowners, contractors, architects and employees to work both with

  • Newton Basedrain Gets a Makeover

    Most commonly used as the core drainage system within Newton System 500, the product is being updated in-line with the requirements of the industry. Ever since its introd

  • The Newton Waterproofing Index

    his revolutionary new methodology combines British Standard 8102 scores with the type and quality of structure and the type of protection used. It also takes into account

  • Concrete as a Water-Resistant Material

    When tasked with designing a waterproofing solution for below-ground structures, it is important that the design should adhere to prevalent industry recommendations. Howe

  • Structural Waterproofing Of Contiguous Piles

    Contiguous piles are often an efficient and cost-effective means of creating retaining structures. However, while benefits include avoiding excessive excavation and assis

  • Waterproofing of Concrete – Admixtures

    Guest Post: ‘Waterproofing’ of Concrete – Admixtures – Bob Cather BSc (Hons) CEng FIMMM – past President of The Concrete Society The question of whether to