• Drainage Membranes

    Drainage Membranes For Removing Ground Water

    Newton System 400 drainage membranes provide a means of removing ground water from basements, retaining walls or rafts and can be used in conjunction with our primary waterproofing barriers.

    Why Is Ground Water Removal Required?

    Ground water removal is required to ensure that the primary waterproofing membrane is not in permanent contact with ground water pressure. This is necessary to comply with the recommendations of the landmark case ’Outwing V Thomas Wetherald’ which decided that it was not possible for the primary waterproofing membrane to be 100% defect free.

    With large basements, the cost of providing a structural solution to deal with ground water pressure can be impractical or very costly.

    Newton System 400 drainage membranes can be used as part of a designed de-watering system that reduces or removes the water pressure to the tolerances of the structural design of the basement.
    Newton 410 Geodrain has a 10mm drainage layer and a vertical water flow of 4.60 litres per metre squared per second.

    Newton External Drainage Membranes Are Used To Protect:

    • Foundation and retaining walls
    • ‘Concrete box’ new-build basements
    • Underside of concrete rafts
    • Combining External And Internal Water

    Combining External And Internal Waterproofing Systems

    Newton External Drainage Membranes are often used in conjunction with other Newton Internal Waterproofing Systems

    In most cases, we recommend Newton System 500 internally drained waterproofing as the safest option to provide the dry basement required. We suggest that Newton System 500 be explored as the waterproofing system or that Newton System 400 external drainage membranes are used in conjunction with Newton System 500.

    Newton 114 Aquabit waterproofing paste applied to retaining wall, with Newton 410 Geodrain drainage membrane


    “Guardian Preservation Services LLP would highly recommend Newton Waterproofing Systems. The products are industry leading and the technical information they provide is outstanding.”

    Tim Herbert, Guardian Preservation

    Guaranteed Installation from a Newton Contractor

    Newton highly recommend that installation is undertaken by a Newton Specialist Basement Contractor (NSBC). NSBCs can provide a substantial insured guarantee and take full design liability on the project, fulfilling the role of ‘Waterproofing Specialist’ as recommended by the BS 8102:2009 ‘Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water From The Ground’. Please contact us for a list of NSBCs in your area.


    Further Information

    For further information about waterproofing new or existing floors, above or below ground, or to speak to one of our technical experts, please ring 09 527 1829 or e-mail tech@newtonsystems.co.nz.