External Waterproofing and Drainage Membranes

Preformed waterproofing and drainage membranes for use on the outer faces of the structure providing waterproofing solutions for earth retained structures and covered decks.

  • Newton 420 Reservoir

    Newton 420 Reservoir Extensive Green Roof Drainage Membrane Unique drainage and water retention membrane for use where a water reservoir is required for extensive green roofs of sedum, herbaceous plants, mosses or grass above decks and roofs. Newton 420 Reservoir has a bonded geotextile that prevents intrusion of the soil into the water holding cups

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  • Newton 410 GeoDrain

    Newton 410 GeoDrain Externally Applied Drainage Membrane For Basements Newton 410 GeoDrain is a two-core drainage sheet consisting of a non-woven, geotextile filter layer, thermally welded to a water impermeable HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) drainage membrane. 1 Key Benefits Prevents water pressure from bearing against the structure Resistant to all chemicals normally found in the

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  • Newton 409 RootBarrier

    Newton 409 RootBarrier Puncture Resistant Root Barrier Membrane Newton 409 RootBarrier is designed to eliminate root penetration. It consists of an impermeable High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) membrane, providing robust root-proof protection to the primary waterproofing membrane to green roofs or planters, where intrusive root systems are present. 1 Key Benefits Excellent chemical and biological resistance.

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  • Newton 408 DeckDrain

    Newton 408 DeckDrain Drainage Membrane For Decks And Flat Roofs Newton 408 DeckDrain is a double cuspated, deck and flat roof drainage membrane, that incorporates a polypropylene geotextile filter layer, bonded to a water impermeable HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) core. The double cuspated design provides two layers of drainage; allowing for primary drainage through the

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  • Newton 403 Hydrobond®

    Externally Applied Waterproofing Membrane And Gas Barrier Variant High performance composite sheet membrane that features a locking fleece to one side and a polymer hydrophilic coating to the other, as well as gas barrier capabilities. 1 2 3 4 Key Benefits Agrément certified and NHBC accepted waterproofing system Forms a full mechanical bond to concrete

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