Liquid Waterproofing Membranes

Comprehensive portfolio of liquid applied membranes suitable for the waterproofing of retained structures and both covered and uncovered decks.

  • Newton 114 Acriflex

    Newton 114 Acriflex High Quality Acriflex Two component fibre reinforced waterproofing liquid membrane based on cement, water based acrylic resin suitable for a great many applications such as the waterproofing of flat roofs, balconies, swimming pools, parking areas, foundations and terraces. 1 2 3 4 Key Benefits Compatible with a number of finishing coatings Excellent

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  • Newton 112 Aquabit

    High Quality Acriflex Newton 112 AquaBit is a single component waterproofing paste that is enriched with polystyrene micro spheres, that forms a crack-bridging seamless membrane for the waterproofing of the wet side of foundation walls. Engineered to be extremely workable allowing for large surface areas to be waterproofed quickly and economically.   Key Benefits Easy

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  • Newton 110 WATstop

    Newton 110 WATstop Epoxy-Cement Waterproofing Mortar and Slurry Three-component cement/epoxy waterproofing membrane capable of resisting up to 9.5 bar of positive and negative pressure, Newton 110 WATstop can be used either as a mortar for surface repair and smoothing, or as a slurry for the damp proofing of walls and slabs, the waterproofing of concrete

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  • Newton 107F

    Newton 107F Cementitious Flexible Waterproofing Membrane Newton 107F is a two-component, cementitious, polymer-rich coating for the waterproofing and protection of concrete and masonry that can be spray-applied and is therefore ideal for large projects. Capable of withstanding heads of both positive and negative water pressure up to 10 bar, Newton 107F is ideally suited to

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